Cinematography: We Dare You To Watch!

We create dynamic wedding and event films. All of our films are directed and produced by our studio, using licensed music. Our goal is to create harmony between photography and cinematography that tells your story in a breathtaking short film. That film will be easy to navigate and share with your friends and family. Contact us today to find out how we can create a visual package including photography and cinematography that will tell your story.

When you hire us for both (photography + cinematography) your cinematography package will automatically get upgraded to the next highest package. 

The awe inspiring Scranton Cultural Center was the epicenter for Katie and Greg’s wedding day. Scranton’s elegant mix of eclectic architecture was the backdrop for a storybook wedding day!

A brilliant sunny day at Skytop Lodge set the scene for the wedding of Kelly and Brian. Where they shared a first look, ceremony, and reception.

Dora and Marko had an elegant wedding. The West Philadelphia Orchestra pulled out all the stops and thrilled the guests with their Balkan brass vibes. Elk Mountain was the distant backdrop for the ceremony under perfect skies.

Janelle and Tyler's stunning reception at the Huntsville Golf Club created a backdrop of long sweeping green undulating hills. Their wedding was elegant, sleek, and sophisticated. Celebrating into the night with a sparkler send off.

Mandy and Eddie's wedding was staged in a park at the end of Wyoming Avenue in Scranton, PA. The drama unfolded as ballerinas introduce the wedding procession with elegance. Everyone danced their way across the street for a reception and an incredible display of choreography and musical improvisation.

A beautiful ceremony followed by photographs in the Luzerne County Courthouse and Millennium Circle. Erica and Scott's reception was staged at the Westmoreland Club in downtown Wilkes-Barre, PA. 

Cinematography vs. Videography: Why isn't it called video?

Video is the old fashioned way of filming a wedding. The modern approach utilizes cinematic optics like you see in a big-budget movie. Your wedding film will have more depth and feel real. Compared to old fashioned video that has imagery appearing flat, and often times using artificial lighting that is obtrusive and distracting. We don't document with video, we create a film!