Cinematography: We Dare You To Watch!

Rob Lettieri Photography+ creates dynamic wedding and event films.  The films you can see here were directed and produced by our studio using licensed music. We create a synergy between still photography and cinematography that tells your story in an exciting movie. Our films are easy to navigate and share with your friends and family. Please ask how you can receive an incentive to create a visual package including still photography and cinematography that will tell your story.

When you hire us for both (photography + cinematography) your cinematography package will automatically get upgraded to the next highest package. 

Cinematography vs. Videography: Why isn't it called video?

Video is the old fashioned way of filming a wedding. The modern approach utilizes cinematic optics like you see in a Hollywood movie. Your wedding film will have more depth and feel real. Compared to old fashioned video that has imagery appearing flat, and often times using artificial lighting that is obtrusive and distracting.