Ellard-Doria Married at Pretzel Park in Green Ridge,Scranton,PA

This wedding was incredibliy special for a number of reasons. First of all, Mandy and Eddie are very dear friends and they just moved into the neighborhood. When they started planning their wedding it occured to me that the building up the street has never been known to be a wedding reception spot, however, it's perfect! The church and attached building even has a bowling alley in it. The main room has a stage and is perfect for a band, not a DJ. The architect is the same person who designed the Cathedral of St. John the Devine Church in NYC, the largest cathedral in the world. That's the church where John Williams has a huge holiday concert every year. And there is a park across the street if you prefer an outdoor ceremony for your vows.

The stage was set and the event was meticulously planned. We arrived in my 1968 Mercedes Benz 280 SE. Guests and neighborhood onlookers were treated to a spectacle including; ballerinas presenting the bride, and a brief 30 second shower to anoint the congregation. A jet flew over during the vows and dogs barked from a passing car. The rythym of life surrounded us. Bob Solfanelli officiated the ceremony while a flurry of photographers and filmmakers danced in and out of the assembly.

"All you need is Love" escorted the procession in a lively walk and dance across the street to the elegant reception area where Constantino's set up the cocktails and food. Mark Woodyatt and Jimmy Waltich played throughout the cocktail time on violin and accordian.

Toasts were made and Mandy choreographed a dance to Footloose by Kenny Loggins with her wedding party. This was folowed closely by an interpretation of Wipe Out by Mandy and her dad. If you ever want a wedding band that isn't a wedding band, that's who played here. Jim Roberti and his trio lit up the stage and produced set after set of entertainment, including Pinball Wizard where Mandy's dad sat in on drums and brought down the house again!

Here is the day and the festivities that followed!