Uholik - Catizone Wedding deep in Pa Coal Country.

Michael and Anne were married in Shenandoah. I staged myself at the Yuengling Mansion at 10am for a noon ceremony.10:30 still no bride and her wedding party. 11am...nothing. After repeated phone calls to voice mailboxes not yet set-up, and the groom and maid of honor's voice mail I tracked down someone from the church office in another part of town who wouldn't give me the number of the church to call directly. Can you find out if the groom is at the church? She said, "I'll call you back in ten minutes. By now I knew the life story of the pleasant woman volunteering at the Yuengling Mansion. Phone rings... church woman claims the groom is there and trying to track down the bride and her bridal party. Nothing. At 11:30 intuition told me to head north 30 minutes away to the church. Upon leaving the nice woman at the mansion told me she would call me if she heard anything. One mile away the phone rings... "the florist is here" she exclaimed..... U-turn! Back to the mansion. Now I felt like I was in the Gran Prix de Pottsville.

I zoom up and the florists are in motion. Are they on their way? No! they exclaim... we can't reach them. I say let's go to the church and hope for the best.

The parking lot was bustling and a giant limo-type bus was out in front of the church in this little Pennsylvania neighborhood. I see the bride! No time for conversation so I fall into photo-journalist mode and begin coverage. Here are the pictures from the day!