gay couple

Manas + Brucks Wedding at Ledges Hotel in Hawley, PA

Neither the roaring waters of Paupack falls nor the most vociferous conservative could hush the vows exchanged by Chris and Eric as they stood before their loved ones on a late afternoon in July. They waited for the day the law granted them the right to participate in one of civilizations’ oldest constitutions. That day had arrived and the air was filled with special anticipation. Guests would gather at an historic hotel nestled in the Poconos to witness a modern family merge lawfully into one and recognized by the country they love.

The ominous summer sky constrained as Eric walked toward Chris with daughters Aubrey and Gillian on either arm. The cascading falls served as a backdrop as loved ones observed the Celtic tradition of hand binding, a symbol of two destinies joining into one future. Once vows and rings were exchanged the family walked together as one to begin the long-awaited celebration of their union.

The bagpiper belted out traditional tunes just as the sky was beginning to turn dark and fog swelled over the falls. A downpour ensued forcing all to move under the tented deck for dinner. The outdoor historic ruins of the hotel were prepared for dancing and drinking until the downpour swiftly flooded the space. The ruins were indeed ruined and another plan was put into action. After dinner guests embraced their inner R Kelly and Jay Z by taking it to the hotel lobby. Every guests was on the dance floor. The dancing never calmed, the laughing never ceased. Family and friends carried the joy with them back to Philadelphia, Idaho, and beyond. Love is love, and always wins.