lackawanna county

On A Clear (Scranton) Day

Through my work I encounter countless unique and engaging individuals - all of whom contribute to dynamic and creative visions from which my photography can create a foundation. Through the narrative of each person's special day characters emerge - the elated grandmother, the playful children darting across a crowded church, the friends old and new. However, one character that deftly comes to the forefront time and time again is Scranton itself. The beauty (simple and complex) that can be found throughout this region never ceases to astound. This small collection highlights various notable locales / landmarks throughout the greater Scranton area, all of which added to the aesthetic that these photographs convey.

We (as humans) connect with our surroundings in ways that words cannot always fully articulate. The textures, shadows and colors of our environment hold a conversation all to themselves - one that I am most grateful to have a part of.